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Masks are built onto a sturdy cast resin or 3d printed base that is long lasting, light weight, and easy to clean. Standard masks have articulated, moving jaws that make interacting with audiences more immersive. My masks are most well known for their small, form fitting size that flatters a person's natural proportions for an authentic anthropomorphic look while wearing regular clothing. This look requires minimal effort and is one of the most comfortable styles. The small size makes storing and travel a breeze.



Custom accessories like bows, piercings, jewelry, and other common head accessories are things I'm happy to create for mask commissions. For piercings you can choose genuine stainless steel options or, for more creative accessories, I can sculpt and paint bespoke pieces just for you.



Visit the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions like "How does the commission process work?" - "Can I request a quote?".

Next Availability: TBA

Mask commissions are estimated to open 1-3 times a year. First dibs open on Patreon and any remaining spots go public after.

terms of service

Visit the TOS page for information on warranty, repairs, age restrictions, and other important information to know before commissioning.

mask queue

An up to date list of current and completed commissions and development progress.

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Baby Lock Serger Machine

My serger gets lots of love in the studio. I use this machine for sewing things like mask hoods, linings, and other parts that will see a lot of wear and activity. It makes a stretchy stitch that can last a long time.

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